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"As a Consciousness Coach I make the unconscious conscious so we can look at it and change it where needed. This way you can truly live the life you desire!"

In the different jobs that I've had I found they all had the same thing in common that I liked most: the interaction with people. With my vision to create a world where consciousness, love, connection and fun are the main principles, I decided that being a Consciousness Coach would be the way to get there.

I'm following my path and my passion, and that is to get you there as well.


What makes me unique? The powerful insights and the fun you'll experience while getting there :)

So, what would your life look like when you'd follow your heart, your passion? 

Let's co-create your life as a Masterpiece!


What i offer

Personal Growth

One-On-One Coaching

Do you want to give your self confidence a boost?

Do you feel like life happens to you and you have no control over it?

Do you want to stop postponing those dreams and DO IT?

Create your life as a Masterpiece

Per hour


Corporate Life

Business Coaching

What would your business look like with employees that love coming to work every day?

What if your employees are happy inside the company and outside?

What if your employees are not influenced by stress anymore?

Create a business that flows

Per hour

depends on project

Chair Massages

For 10+ People

Do you want to create a motivated team?

Do you want to lower the number of illnesses and sick reports?

Do you want to have a moment to relax for yourself as well?

Create a team that works for you

Per hour

depends on project