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ICF Definition: coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

As a Consciousness Coach, I use tools to add Awareness Creation to the classical coaching process. Using this powerful combination, I guide my clients into new layers of awareness: we all know things, and we also know what we don't know. However, there is a huge area of possibilities available in the space of 'what we are not aware that we are not aware of'. This is the domain that gets penetrated by Consciousness Coaching while the classical coaching happens at the same time. That's how I get my clients to reach their desired goals and, in the process, they'll discover whole new areas they weren't aware of before.

In my work I see the importance in letting my clients find their answers themselves. Like the body rejects anything that is not its own, the ego tends to likewise reject anything that it regards as 'not its own'. By asking powerful questions, I make my client 'spin around himself so fast he starts seeing himself from the back'. This is what leads to insights and opens up possibilities that weren't even considered an option before. New horizons become visible, created by the client himself.


To explain Consciousness Coaching in the best way, I used Marc Steinberg's words and books as inspiration

Chair Massages

A chair massage is a short massage (10-15 minutes) done through clothing. 

I know you have a lot of work to do. That's what makes this kind of massage perfect for you! I bring my massage chair to your workspace, set it up in a quite place (or in the middle of the office if no seperate space available) and I only keep you off your work for a short period of time. Time used well, because my massages give you what you need. Feeling tired? I give you an uplifting massage so you can take on the day without feeling fatigue anymore. Feeling restless and is your mind jumping everywhere? I give you a massage that relaxes your body and mind so you create a mental overview to get you going effectively again. Sore back, shoulders, neck and arms from sitting at your desk all day? I massage those muscles specifically to release tension in those areas.

With more than 80 different techniques in my toolbox, there's a massage for every body!