Passionate About Inspiring Others

"As a Consciousness Coach I make the unconscious conscious so we can look at it and change it where needed. This way you can truly live the life you desire!"

I've always been a searcher. Searching for what it is I really want, what it is I want to contribute to the world and what my purpose is.

When my father passed away in 2011, a lot of things changed for me. I started looking at things from a different perspective and went on a search to find out what really matters to me. I decided to live life from a positive point-of-view. I started feeling gratitude for what I have and I realized that life only gives us good stuff and lessons. I decided that I wanted to explore this a bit more and ended up, through a friend, at Creative Consciousness. During those trainings I saw the first glimpse of who I really am. Or, who I can really be. My potential. What serves me and what doesn't. A lot of insights came to me.


At one of the following trainings I realized that I feel passionate about also giving that gift, of being the best version of yourself, to others. That's when I decided to sign up for the ICF-accredited Diploma Coach Training Program by Creative Consiousness to become a Consciousness Coach.

With the lessons I take away from the trainings and from my own experience, I create a life that suits me. Things fall into place like they never have before.

As a coach I learn about myself every day. Transformational work is never a done deal! I love discovering new things about myself, to become aware of things I wasn't aware of before. By attending different trainings regularly, I stay aware and sharp as a coach and as a person!

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