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Personal Growth

What if you can create the life you wish for? What if there are no boundaries to what you can achieve? And what if I can help you to get there?


Do you want to give your self confidence a boost? Have you been living in your shadow and not in your light? Do you keep postponing those big dreams and you need a hand making them come true?

Do you ever feel like "life happens to you"? Do you feel like you're not using your time the way you would like? Are you not fully enjoying and embracing every area of your life?

Do you choose to take responsibility and create the life you wish for? Do you want to get back in the drivers seat of your life? Do you want to make choices from the heart, and not from conditioning or expectations?

Consciousness Coaching is an efficient and effective way to, with your coach, co-create your life as a Masterpiece. I will empower you to take responsibility for your life, so you'll be behind the wheel again. Life will happen for you. This way you'll become the best version of yourself and you'll complete any issue that's in the way of creating the life you've been dreaming of.

Contact me so we can plan a free intake without obligation, face-to-face or via Skype. Either in English or Dutch.

Introductory Conversation: Free of Charge

Hourly Fee: €80

Corporate Life

What would your business look like with employees that love coming to work every day? What if your employees are happy inside the company and outside? What if your employees are not influenced by stress anymore?

Do you want employees that show up every day because they want to? People that work from their potential to bring the company to a next level?

Consciousness Coaching helps your employees to be more pro-active and less stressed. They'll tap into their passion and creation-energy to benefit the company.

Contact me so we can plan a free intake without obligation, face-to-face or via Skype. Either in English or Dutch.

Introductory Conversation: Free of Charge

Hourly Fee: To Be Agreed

Chair Massages

Do you want to create a motivated team? Do you want to lower the number of illnesses and sick reports? Do you want to have a moment to relax for yourself as well?

Chair Massages in a work-environment help you to get the best out of your employees. It helps them relax, which makes them more productive and energized. It will lower work-related stress and the number of sick reports. On top of that it helps to heal neck, back and shoulder pain from working behind a desk.

Contact me for either a one-time massagesession or a regular treatment to keep refreshing your department.

Introductory Conversation: Free of Charge

Hourly Fee: To Bo Agreed